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Will I be instantly showered in compliments when wearing my very own pair of Absurd Little Birds?

But, of course! A stunning human such as yourself, gracing the world, adorned in such vibrant wonder? People will flock to you, offering up gold and first born children! You'll create more hype than a surprise piñata at a kid's birthday party!

My favourite pair is sold out! Please help?!

We get pretty excited when things sell out! The two of us do a little happy dance at home cos it means people loved our designs and are now out and about proudly wearing them, looking fabulous! 

As we are a small, home run business, we usually do small stocks of designs to keep costs down until we know what will be the most popular. If what you wanted has sold out, we can do a pre-order for you and give you an estimate on how long it will take to come in, or we can just let you know when our next planned re-stock is. If the creation you loved was a one off, we may be able to design something new and even more wonderful just for you! Either way, please send us a message so we chat about the best option!

How do I care for these majestic wonders?

We try to make everything pretty tough, but, being hand-painted etc means you might have to show your new treasures a bit of extra love to keep them in perfect shape. Try not to store them in direct sunlight or get them wet. If they do get dirty and need a little spruce up, a simple damp cloth should do the trick!

I found the perfect design, but it's not in my favourite colour!

We love someone who knows what they want! Some of our designs are one-offs, but lots of our creations can be made in different colours, so get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do!

I've thought of a cool idea for some earrings, can you make my dreams come true?

We can sure as hell give it a try! We love taking custom orders and making your own ideas come to life! Custom orders will usually cost a little more than our regular designs and may take a little longer to get to you. But, as they say, good things come to those who wait.....and for everything else, there's express post!

I don't have pierced ears, can I still be part of the family?

Absolutely! We reckon little pieces of wearable art should be enjoyed by everyone. All of our stud earrings can be changed for hooks, just leave us a message requesting them in the Notes section at checkout. We will soon also have the option for clip-on earring backs, so please contact us if you've found the perfect pair, but no pierced ears.

If earrings or wearables aren't an accessible version of expression for you, but you love a design, please get in contact so we can collaborate and find something that works for you, cos everyone deserves to express themselves without limitation!

My earrings arrived damaged or are not exactly what I ordered...

What!? Fire those robots!! Oh wait....that's right....we didn't have the budget for robots. We are only human, which unfortunately might mean we occasionally slip up. If that does happen, we will do our very best to sort out any issues asap. We make and pack all of our creations ourselves, so can assure you everything leaves us in mint condition, but if something is damaged in the post, please let us know!

What materials are most commonly used in creation?

Our creations are made from various materials. The majority are made from coloured and patterned acrylics or wood. All are hand painted with water-based, acrylic or enamel paints and pieced together with e6000 jewellery adhesive. Our hooks and studs are both surgical steel and our clip-ons are made from hypoallergenic steel.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

We certainly can't imagine why anyone would change their minds on any of our fabulous pieces, which is lucky, because due to hygiene reasons, we cannot offer exchanges or refunds. When you are ordering, please keep in mind that colours may appear slightly differently on various screens and devices. We do attempt to photograph each piece in a way that shows all colours and patterns as clearly as possible to help you choose correctly, but there may be some variance between what you see on your screen and what you see in your hands!

Do you offer discounted shipping?

We sure do! All orders over $100 get free shipping! Simply add the discount code: FREESHIPPING (see what we did there?) when you checkout.